getuppodcast's Community Rules


Breaking the rules can mean eventually getting your account suspended or terminated. Avoid the consequences by following these simple dos and don'ts.


Voice your opinions.

getuppodcast is the ideal place to voice your opinions and perspectives, and we fully support free speech. Of course, be tolerant and respectful of those whose ideas are different from yours, and keep offensive, defamatory, or abusive content off of getuppodcast.

Create content.

Be creative! Share your voice and sounds with the world, just don't infringe on other people's copyrights when you do.

Criticize and discuss, but constructively.

Feedback can be very valuable when used constructively. Before leaving your comments, ask yourself if you would be just as thrilled to receive the same feedback.

Link back to getuppodcast.

We offer loyal users lots of stuff for free, so help us spread the word by linking back to us on your websites and promotions - you will be rewarded!


Impersonate someone else.

There's a limit to the number of times a username or account can be used or created, and they should be original. Don't take usernames that don't reflect your identity. Don't use other people's pictures. We reserve the right to remove accounts that violate this clause.

Upload or broadcast content that isn't yours.

It's your responsibility to obtain all the necessary permissions and licenses to upload and share any non-original content. Copyright infringement will get your audio deleted.

Flame, rant, troll, or spam.

Bad behavior towards others is not tolerated and puts you at risk of having your account suspended or terminated by getuppodcast.
Don't troll on other people's chatrooms or messages, and don't spam pages.

Create fake accounts.

Don't create fake getuppodcast accounts for the sole purpose of leaving comments or boosting your stats. We devote a lot of time trying to keep the platform tidy for everyone to enjoy.

How will these rules be enforced?

It's three strikes and you're out before your account is terminated.

To break it down even further:

  • Whenever someone on getuppodcast's team sees or gets notified of a user breaking the rules, we send that user an email with a first warning. Depending on the case, this could be asking to remove harmful or infringing content, and we expect users to comply and respond within a reasonable time-frame (maximum 1-2 days). Users that infringe on copyrights will have their content set to "private" straightaway.
  • A user will receive no more than two more warnings after that during their user "lifetime". Upon the third and final warning, the account will be deleted. Deleted accounts will not be retrieved under any circumstances, and no refund will be given for any previously purchased product or service.
  • Should we at getuppodcast find content to be particularly offensive or problematic, we will delete it immediately.
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